Jakob Rudolph is a 28 year old, Berlin-based multidisciplinary Artist.

His work includes Tattooing, Drawing/Painting, digital Photography as well as conceptual and rather experimental mixed-media approaches.

Most of his artistic outlet is very minimalistic and abstract. Different subcultures such as Punk, HipHop and Techno highly influence not only his aesthetics but also his ways of creating.


1991 Born in Berlin, Germany

2011 Abitur, Humboldt-Gymnasium Bad Pyrmont

2011 - 2012 Volunteer at nGbK Berlin

2012 - 2015 Student of Art History & Philosophy FU Berlin

2015 - 2019 Student of Visual Communication HTW Berlin

Winter 18/19 Intern of visual Artist Viron Erol Vert

Summer 2019 Bachelor Project "A digital shape for the ancient code"

Self-taught Tattooing since 2014,

Resident Artist at AKA Berlin since 2020