Hi, my name is Jakob. I`m a self-taught tattooer and painter from Berlin, Germany.

My style is very minimalistic and abstract, painting and tattooing stand in permanent exchange and depend on each other within my work.
My influences are different styles of fine arts such as abstract expressionism and constructivism but i get a lot of inspiration from graffiti tags and throwups as well.

The first time i held a tattoo gun in hand was when a group of friends gave one to me as a birthday present.
Back than i didn’t even have tattoos myself,
but in the punk and d.i.y. scene i come from, quite a lot of people own machines.
Doing occasional home-tattooing sessions was (and still is) widely spread.

It took some years to find the courage to start using the machine i got and the first "victims" were friends, who agreed to getting my drawings tattoed.

The whole thing became bigger and bigger quite fast and as i continued experimenting i found out that a lot of people like the idea of non-figurative tattoo motives, which are no tribals or patterns either.